Global State – Free Zone

The Problem of judging Israel.

Having lived in the state of Israel for almost 20 years, there is no-one more qualified to understand and have the knowledge of the internal workings of the State of Israel. I have personally witnessed and observed the attitudes of the people living there and have learned more then 8 life times of information on the matter (Please notice the subtle hint to cats and nine lives here). As a practising neuroscientist, I have dealt with and continue to deal with “Israelis” almost on a daily basis.

Current methods have not worked, boycotts etc, because the targets of these boycotts are generally targeted, and any military strategist will tell you that if you attack a larger group with a smaller group, using tactics of monetary chipping away, you will fail. The reason for this failure is that you are using TACTICS in a STRATEGIC game. Further you must realise that there are more then one set of players in this game.

You as the reader needs to understand that, you are targeting first and foremost a faith, then an ideology, then a people.

Having worked with, and had access to Israeli government sources, I have found myself in a unique position to reach out and influence certain parts of the Israeli public directly. This is a personal and effective method of communication that I have in the past found to be most effective. But before I continue on the method of rhetoric and manipulation of a nation, we need to discuss and talk about strategy, and not tactics.

At the moment, most if not all people whom are campaigning against the State of Israel, are using tactics that are non-achievable and not realistic. There is no long term, nor long thought process in the feeble one off knocks that are being thrust at an entrenched system. In order to achieve results there is, and has to be a long term strategy, I believe that, and hope that I have found a system that will work.

Now I ask you as the reader to put aside your thoughts and opinions of what you think should happen, just for a few minutes and hear and understand the concepts, and and ideas that are outlined in this document. It is important that you approach this with clear and neutral thought and that you read this without prior bias and emotional baggage. If you find that you are getting emotional stop reading, take a break and come back to it latter.

A Brief History Lesson

Please skip to the bottom of the table, as most of these events are well known and are here just to be referenced. I will explain the concept and proposals as we explain.

# Year Event
1 1948 End of British Mandate (14 May)
2 State of Israel proclaimed (14 May).
3 Israel invaded by five Arab states (15 May).
4 Israel Defense Forces (IDF) established.
5 War of Independence (May 1948-July 1949).
6 1949 Armistice agreements signed with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon.
7 Jerusalem divided under Israeli and Jordanian rule.
8 First Knesset (parliament) elected.
9 Israel admitted to United Nations as 59th member.
10 1948-52 Mass immigration from Europe and Arab countries.
11 1956 Sinai Campaign
12 1962 Adolf Eichmann tried and executed in Israel for his part in the Holocaust.
13 1964 National Water Carrier completed, bringing water from Lake Kinneret in the north to the semi-arid south.
14 1967 Six-Day War; Jerusalem reunited.
15 1968-70 Egypt’s War of Attrition against Israel
16 1973 Yom Kippur War
17 1975 Israel becomes an associate member of the European Common Market.
18 1977 Likud forms government after Knesset elections, end of 30 years of Labor rule.
19 Visit of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem.
20 1978 Camp David Accords include framework for comprehensive peace in the Middle East and proposal for Palestinian self-government.
21 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty signed.
22 Prime Minister Menachem Begin and President Anwar Sadat awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
23 1981 Israel Air Force destroys Iraqi nuclear reactor just before it is to become operative.
24 1982 Israel’s three-stage withdrawal from Sinai Peninsula completed.
25 Operation Peace for Galilee removes Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists from Lebanon.
26 1984 National unity government (Likud and Labor) formed after elections.
27 Operation Moses, immigration of Jews from Ethiopia.
28 1985 Free Trade Agreement signed with United States.
29 1987 Widespread violence (Intifada) starts in Israeli-administered areas.
30 1988 Likud government wins elections.
31 1989 Four-point peace initiative proposed by Israel.
32 Start of mass immigration of Jews from former Soviet Union.
33 1991 Israel attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles during Gulf war.
34 Middle East peace conference convened in Madrid;
35 Operation Solomon, airlift of Jews from Ethiopia.
36 1992 Diplomatic relations established with China and India.
37 New government headed by Yitzhak Rabin of Labor Party.
38 1993 Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements for the Palestinians signed by Israel and PLO, as representative of the Palestinian people (Oslo Accords).
39 1994 Implementation of Palestinian self-government in Gaza Strip and Jericho area.
40 Full diplomatic relations with the Holy See.
41 Morocco and Tunisia interest offices set up.
42 Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty signed.
43 Rabin, Peres, Arafat awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
44 1995 Broadened Palestinian self-government implemented in West Bank and Gaza Strip; Palestinian Council elected.
45 Prime Minister Rabin assassinated at peace rally.
46 Shimon Peres becomes prime minister.
47 1996 Fundamentalist Arab terrorism against Israel escalates.
48 Operation Grapes of Wrath, retaliation for Hizbullah terrorists’ attacks on northern Israel.
49 Trade representation offices set up in Oman and Qatar.
50 Likud forms government after Knesset elections.
51 Binyamin Netanyahu elected prime minister.
52 Omani trade representation office opened in Tel Aviv.
53 1997 Hebron Protocol signed by Israel and the PA.
54 1998 Israel celebrates its 50th anniversary.
55 Israel and the PLO sign the Wye River Memorandum to facilitate implementation of the Interim Agreement.
56 1999 Ehud Barak (left-wing One Israel party) elected prime minister; forms coalition government.
57 Israel and the PLO sign the Sharm-el-Sheikh Memorandum.
58 2000 Visit of Pope Paul II.
59 Israel withdraws from the Security Zone in southern Lebanon.
60 Israel admitted to UN Western European and Others Group.
61 Renewed violence (Second Intifada). Prime Minister Barak resigns.
62 2001 Ariel Sharon (Likud) elected Prime Minister; forms broad-based unity government.
63 The Sharm-el-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee report (Mitchell Report) issued.
64 Palestinian-Israeli Security Implementation Work Plan (Tenet ceasefire plan) proposed.
65 Rechavam Ze’evy, Minister of Tourism, assassinated by Palestinian terrorists.
66 2002 Israel launches Operation Defensive Shield in response to massive Palestinian terrorist attacks.
67 Israel begins building the anti-terrorist fence to stop West Bank terrorists from killing Israeli citizens.
68 Prime Minister Sharon disperses the Knesset, calling for new elections to be held on 28 January 2003.
69 2003 Right-of-center coalition government formed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
70 Israel accepts the Roadmap.
71 2005 Israel carries out the Disengagement Plan, ending Israel’s presence in the Gaza Strip.
72 2006 After Prime Minister Sharon suffers a stroke, Ehud Olmert becomes acting prime minister.
73 Following elections on 28 March, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert forms new government led by the Kadima Party.
74 Israel carried out military operations against Palestinian terrorists in Gaza after kidnapping of Israeli soldier.
75 The Second War in Lebanon, during which Israel carried out military operations against Hizbullah terrorism from southern Lebanon, following missile attacks and kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers.
76 2007 Shimon Peres elected President by the Knesset.
77 Israel declares Gaza “hostile territory” following Hamas violent takeover of Gaza Strip.
78 2008 Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary.
79 Israel launches its Gaza Operation (Operation Cast Lead) in response to the barrage of over 10,000 rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza Strip.
80 2009 Benjamin Netanyahu is elected Prime Minister in national elections held in February 2009, and forms a broad-based coalition government
81 The city of Tel Aviv celebrates its 100th anniversary.
82 2010 Israel joins the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

  • As we all know The state of Israel was created in 1948 (#1,#2), This caused a war (#3,#5) that created an army (#4). A cease fire was signed with help from America (#6,#7,#9).
  • The physical size of The state of Israel is FIXED and SET up to this stage.
  • The Arab population at this stage is angry and holds resentment against the English for throwing up their hands up in the air and dropping a set of land into no-man’s land. This land now called the State of Israel. Many wars have been fought between the date of creation and the current day. (#3,#5,#11,#14,#15,#16) During these wars land was lost to the State of Israel in these wars.
  • Resentment and conflict continues to take hold in the land.
  • All “Peace” attempts have failed.

This is a brief outline of the events until now.

While this proposal is guaranteed to spark “resentment” and “hate” from all parties involved, It is important to realise that making everyone happy is a non achievable goal. Legally the state of Israel is “occupying land”, on this we can all agree, and so does the State of Israel. The question is what to do with this land, and we believe that we have found a solution to the problem.

This land is unofficially and officially – no Man’s land, our proposal is to keep it such, and make it officially no-man’s land, by making a state free zone, administrated uniformly and fairly by a international governing body.

Each country would represent a particular service, based on that countries strengths.

  • The UK would be in charge of the police force, with annual rotations of it’s officers to this location.
  • The Chinese government would be responsible for building social infrastructure, roads etc.
  • The German Government would be in charge of the economy.
  • The Dutch Government would be in charge of the prison system.
  • The Russian Government would be in charge of defence.
  • The Israeli Government would be in charge of border control.

This is the basic outline and more research would need to be undertaken by this think tank on each Nations role in the state free zone.

This strategy would make the land officially neutral. Citizens of the state free zone, would have voting rights, limited to the town that they reside in. Requests to change a “Service” provider would have to go through, each town, if a vote of 51% or more is achieved, this would elevate to a UN vote on the change.

The core idea here is that there is no country, that can swing or block a vote. each country is involved and each country has a equal vote in all matters. No country would be allowed to have 2 service contracts.

This document is a draft and will continue to be updated.
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